OLCC Alcohol Server Education Classes
for anyone who mixes, sells or serves alcohol in the state of Oregon
Initial & Renewal Classes through
DECEMBER 2017 only
  • Established in 1989
  • ACTION SERVER EDUCATION Is One Of Oregon's Original And Most
    Trusted Companies In Alcohol Training

  • Instructors with experience in the industry including:
  • Bartending & Cocktails
  • Food Service
  • Nightclub Security
  • Restaurant Management

  • We offer training that is interactive, relevant and fun!
  • Try our BAC goggles that simulate impairment
  • Skill-building activities that include confiscated ID's

You will need to fill out the Service Permit application, select REPLACE
UNEXPIRED PERMIT / DUPLICATE PERMIT, sign the application and send
in a $5 check or money order to the OLCC. You do not need an authorized
signature if you are applying for a duplicate permit. Remember to keep one
copy of the application for yourself until you receive your new duplicate
permit in the mail.
How do I get a duplicate Service Permit if my name changed or my permit was lost or stolen?
You must stop working with alcohol immediately and attend an Alcohol
Server Education class as soon as possible. Once you have taken the
class, you are allowed to submit another Service Permit Application (you
will be required to send in another $23). If you complete the class and fill
the application out with the Instructor, you will have a legal temporary
permit that allows you to work with alcohol when you leave class.
What if I passed the deadline for taking the class and it's been more than 45 days?
How long is the exam and what if I don't pass?
There is no time limit on taking the exam, most students complete it in 20-
30 minutes. If you fail the exam on your first try, you are given two
opportunities to re-take the test without having to attend another class.
You must go to an OLCC office for a re-take and there is a $5 fee.
  • Exams are available in English & Spanish
  • Verbal exams are available upon request
  • Instructor will work privately with the student to make sure
    they understand the question
  • Student must select their own answers, Instructors are not
    allowed to answer test questions
How long does an OLCC Service Permit last?
An OLCC Service Permit is valid for five years. Beginning Jan. 1, 2010 it will expire five
years from the date the class was taken
rather than on your birthday.
Minimum age to attend a class is sixteen; however, you cannot obtain a
'Minor Service Permit' or work with alcohol until you are eighteen. Your
test scores from the class will remain on file for two years .
How old do I have to be to take the class?
A temporary permit is valid for 45 days. Click the links below.
What is a temporary permit?
If you are applying for a Service Permit for the first time, you are required to attend an Initial
class. If you have attended a class within the last seven years (your permit is expiring or has
expired recently), you qualify to attend a Renewal class; this class is shorter in length but
covers all the same information. You may also attend the initial class. Click the link below.
What's the difference between an 'Initial' and 'Renewal' class?
Obtaining an OLCC Service Permit is a two-step process, click below for details.
Do I get an OLCC Service Permit if I attend the class?
Who must have an OLCC Service Permit?
Anyone who mixes, sells or serves alcohol for on-property consumption, fills growlers,
and anyone who manages employees with these responsibilities.
Retail clerks are not required to have an OLCC Service Permit because their customers
do not consume the alcohol on their property.
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