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Operating a successful business in
today's economy is a time-consuming
job! Below are quick links to help you
stay updated on liquor laws, OLCC
signs for your business, and other
contacts necessary for your
Or you may contact:
Joy Evensen
You may also be able to get Drivers License Guides from your beer
distributors - ASK THEM for a free copy! These are usually printed
by the end of February or beginning of March each year.
When you need specific information on liquor laws and rules,
this is the resource you need!
Watch for changes in rules that affect your business concerning
alcohol! The OLCC welcomes comments from individuals and
businesses concerning any rule changes.
What is the official word from the OLCC? Stay informed and be
sure your staff knows what is happening!
Did you know that your business could be eligible for LESSER
fines if an employee sells alcohol to a minor and the business is
a Responsible Vendor? Check this out and join now!
Or you may contact:
Carl Lewis
East Metro Enforcement
Unit Manager
Ph. 503.872.5191
toll free: 800.452.6522
State of Oregon regulations require every commercial food
establishment employee who is involved in public food handling
and preparation, to acquire a certified food handlers card.  This
must be done within 30 days from the beginning of work.
ACTION SERVER EDUCATION offers training to help you
qualify, CALL US TODAY! Ph. 503.234.7810