How to Get an OLCC Service Permit

The OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) requires anyone who
mixes, sells or serves alcohol for on-property consumption
to have a valid Service Permit.

You must complete TWO steps to obtain an OLCC Service Permit. (The
same steps apply when you are renewing a permit every five years.) What
step you take first will depend upon your situation.

  • Many people begin first by completing the Service Permit
    Application. This application must be signed both by the
    applicant as well as an authorized person such as:
  • Licensee (Owner) or Manager
  • OLCC Employee
  • Alcohol Server Education Instructors/Providers

    Click on                                                     for a copy of this application; they
    are also available in class from the Instructors.

  • Application fee is $23 (cash, check or charge). This is a
    nonrefundable fee. Additional charge of $1 for charge cards.

  • The authorized person (Manager / Instructor) is required to mail
    the payment and application to the OLCC immediately:
    OLCC Permits
    P.O. Box 22297
    Milwaukie, OR 97269-2297

  • Once the form is signed by both parties, you will be given the
    YELLOW COPY (or a duplicate downloaded copy); this is your
    TEMPORARY PERMIT and is valid for 45 days from the date it is
    signed. You may begin working immediately with this temporary

Once you have a temporary permit, you must take and pass the Alcohol
Server Education class within 45 days. Test scores are available within 4-5
business days of taking the exam online at the OLCC website:
Server Ed Test Results

  • Find a class that is convenient for you. The Initial class has a
    new format and is shorter than before! The Renewal class
    reviews liquor laws for those who have already attended the
    initial class. Click on                                   for a complete listing of
  • You must also take and pass the exam.
  • Initial students: pass at 70%
  • Renewal students pass at 80%

    If you are applying for a job in the restaurant industry,
    you may take a class and fill out the Service Permit
    Application with the instructor. You will leave the class
    with a temporary permit that allows you to begin
    working immediately.
    You may take the class and submit the Service Permit
    Application at a later date with your new employer; test
    scores remain on file for two years.

Once the OLCC has both an application and acceptable test
scores on file, they will issue an OLCC Service Permit.

You must have your OLCC Service Permit on you at all times
you are working with alcohol; it must be available for
inspection by a sworn officer of the law.

It will cost you:
Tuition ($35) + Application Fee ($23) = $58 Total

You are NOT required to complete the Service Permit Application at class, you
may do this with either your employer or the OLCC.